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Comfast wifi/wireless range extender setup

If you love playing online games and enjoy watching content online, you really need a super fast internet connection. Having a super fast internet is not enough when you can’t use it, beyond your room. You can only enjoy wifi if it has a coverage which covers your entire house or an entire office space. Unfortunately, no router can actually cover a large place without the assistance of a range extender. Nowadays, the importance of range extenders has increased a lot. It is because there are several other facts near us, which affect wireless signals. So on this website, we are introducing an amazing device, which can eliminate the scarcity of wireless range at your place. We are talking about The Comfast extender device and its setup process. To know in detail about the Comfast repeater setup, take a look at the section given below.

Comfast Extender Setup via Easy QR Code

Setting up the Comfast Extender is super easy, and it comes with an Easy QR Code setup option. Locate the Easy QR Code on the front of the extender and download the App on your iOS or Android device. Now open the app and scan the provided QR code. Once it reads and decrypts the QR code on the device, your extender setup process will start. Post this, you can start enjoying a fast internet connection at your place.

How to Access Comfast Login Page??

  • 1.First, download Zappie firmware, from the Access point of the Comfast cf-wr750ac & save it on your computer.
  • 2.Next, connect the PC to LAN port on your PoE Adapter.
  • 3.Connect the PoE port on the Comfast device WAN port. Here, you need to ensure, computer network settings are set to static with a fixed ip address & subnet

Access Comfast Login Page

  • 1.Launch a web browser on your computer or a wireless device.
  • 2.Navigate through Comfast login default IP address or If this default IP address doesn’t work, try using to access the administrative Comfast login page. If you are still not able to access Comfast Login Page, take assistance from our team.
  • 3.Next, the window will ask for default login credentials of Comfast cf wr302s setup.
  • 4.Enter admin in both the fields. If you have customized and accessed the details of the default Comfast login page earlier, enter the same details as before.
  • 5.Now click the settings located at the top right menu & then click on System Tools.
  • 6.Visit Firmware Version & select choose file option. Next, choose the downloaded firmware file & click on Upload button.
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